The Nickel Open Fund (NOF) is an organization dedicated to helping build better lives for those affected by mental health issues. NOF advocates and raises funds for education, access to services, treatment, support and research for those affected by mental illness.


We offer help through support and educational programs for students, families and individuals living with mental health conditions. We are committed to raising awareness, building a community of hope for all and partnering with state and county organizations.


Our Story Continues;

Nicholas' Story

On June 2, 2017, at the age of 21, Nick lost his battle with mental illness.

Many people who know Nick credit him for always being there for when they were suffering and struggling; he would drop everything to be there for a friend in crisis. Even with the support of his family, partner Brian, close friends and though he tried to help himself by reaching out for help by getting psychiatric care and medication, in the end, the lies told by mental illness took him from us.

It is because of Nick that we are continuing "his story" by joining forces with NAMI MN to raise awareness for mental illness and erase the stigma associated with suicide. 

Nickel Open Fund Boad of Directors

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