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Our Stories Continue:

Nicholas' Story

On June 2, 2017, at the age of 21, Nick lost his battle with mental illness.

Many people who know Nick credit him for always being there for when they were suffering and struggling; he would drop everything to be there for a friend in crisis. Even with the support of his family, partner Brian, close friends and though he tried to help himself by reaching out by seeking psychiatric care and medication, in the end, the lies told by mental illness took him from us.

We are continuing Nick's "story" by joining raising awareness for mental illness and erase the stigma associated with suicide.

Andrew's Story

Andy Enselein was born on September 26, 1984. He was an artist, concert goer, barefoot dancer, beer drinker, dog lover, beard enthusiast, dirty hippie, bicycle rider, son, brother and friend to all. After over a decade of battling with depression, Andy lost his life to suicide in October 2017. Andy lived his entire life in black and white. When things were amazing, they couldn't be better. When things were hard, he couldn't imagine how they could ever be good again. To honor his life and the joy he lived with when he wasn't battling the demons in his mind, we are happy to partner with the Nickel Open for the Soulshine Bean Bag Tournament. We hope that every dollar raised and every person spoken to helps to provide help and comfort to anyone battling their own demons.

Soulshine; it's better than sunshine, better than moonshine and damn sure better than rain. Let your soul shine.

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