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2023 Nickel Open Fund Activity Summary

February 12, 2024

Besides our planned couple events, we did a lot more Community Outreach Activities. We got involved in all the Jordan HS sports and held 3 separate Green Out Events (Fall, Winter & Spring). We timed these events around Suicide Prevention Week and May Mental Health Month. At these home games, we emphasized Awareness to Mental Health by providing Green; Socks, Spirit towels, T-shirts, Shoelaces, Swag, Stickers, etc. plus read messages during games as to why we were there and the significance of wearing green. A couple times we had other local resources present (NOF-NAMI Mental Health, Duck Cup Memorial, Scott County Mental Health, Christian Family Solutions, Prairie-Care, Melrose Center, Emily Program and Jordan Public Schools) to help bring this awareness.

At our Feb Themed Soulshine/NOF Bag Tournament Fundraiser we announced are participation in the Mark Parrish Family Fund with a check for $10k towards 1st ever Emergency Room beds for Mental Health patients at Fairview Medical Hospital.

In the Spring, the NOF donated $2k to Jordan Dollars for Scholars for graduating Jordan HS Seniors scholarships.

At our Themed summer Golf Tournament/Banquet fundraiser - Crocodile Dundee Down Under Style we had Wine Tasting from Rodney Strong from Napa Valley, Lemonade Stand, Hit with the Pro plus several personal testimonials shared including live and recorded (Mark Parrish, Amanda Smeins, Mary Krant from Dave's Compass of Hope, David Will auctioneer, NAMI-MN rep, guest speaker Eddy Eisenberg from Chicago NAMI). We presented our First Annual Award given to a volunteer that has demonstrated passion and dedication to the NOF mission - Amanda Smeins was the recipient.

In the Fall we partnered with Duck Cup Memorial who organized a Mental Health Speaker Andrew from for Jordan Middle & HS grades 5-12 grades.

Also, at the start of the new school year, we made a $3k Donation to Jordan Education Foundation for grants for any Jordan educator projects or events related to mental health.

Other community events we participated in throughout the year were, Annual Plant Hope Benefit table sponsorship, St Patrick's Church Festival, Duck Cup Memorial Golf Tournament, Jordan Heimatfest Parade, Dave's Compass of Hope Golf Tournament, Dan-O Golf Tournament.

Finally, we made an Annual donation to NAMI-MN of $30k

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