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the nickY trail 

What is The Nicky Trail? That's a very good question. Let me start by saying that if you know Nick, you know Nick loved adventure, exploring and traveling. This passion to discover new places was ignited Bruce and I began taking Amanda and Nick on Spring Break vacations every year - even before they were in school! Some places were new, some were repeated favorites. All were where we made memories that we want to share with you.

The Nicky Trail was born earlier this year when Bruce told me idea to share with people the places that Nick loved the most - places near, and places far! So get on your hiking boots and get ready to discover "The Nicky Trail."

The Nicky Trail concept is similar to Geocaching. What we've done so far, is to leave a lock (pictured above) in 2 locations that are special to Nick. 

We're going to continue adding GPS Coordinates to this page as we place locks so you can go on your own adventures. Image what they meant to Nick and finding out what they might mean to you. Who knows, there may even be places you've visited with him yourself!

Happy Trails!

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